We all cried together

Lawrence Edward Hinchee
7 min readJun 11, 2022
Aurora theater makeshift memorial

As I stood there with all of these kids I knew that went to school with my children. I was totally grief stricken for the fourth time in my life. It seem I have been through a number of these things. First Chuck E Cheese, then Columbine, followed by VA Tech, now the Aurora Theater shooting. I remember sitting there listening President Obama encourage us not to mention the name of the shooter, then the governor, John Hickenlooper followed suit.

As I am holding the girl in my arms who lost her beautiful six year old daughter, I had tears coming down my eyes with her. Where do you find the words to comfort a young mother? She was only twenty-five and lost her Minnie me as she put it.

Part of my PTSD stems from attending these memorials or watching them on television, so I stopped watching them. This one because on was active duty, they played the bag pipes. Then the twenty-one gun salute. As a veteran, that brought more tears for me as I knew we were paying tribute to a fallen brother. One of the men in the homeless shelter with me said his brother was injured trying to shield some of the younger children.

I went to this memorial service for two reasons, I knew most of the victims personally. I also, went to mourn and grieve with them. I was really pissed off when the mother of the shooter, Mr. Holmes like the mother in Uvalde said, “my son really isn’t a monster.” Seriously?

Lawrence Edward Hinchee

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