Razorblade Tears

Lawrence Edward Hinchee
3 min readFeb 10, 2022

This book is written by S.A. Cosby. S.A. Cosby is from Southeastern Virginia and many of the places he mentioned or described, I knew because I grew up in Southwestern Virginia. Ike and Buddy Lee never accepted either one of their son’s sexuality. The never accepted that their son’s married one another either, nor that they mixed their sperm together and had a surrogate provide them a child to raise, a daughter.

Ike and Buddy Lee were both convicts and had never met each other until the day of their children’s funeral. Derek and Isaiah were married to one another and their daughters name was Arianna. One man was black and the other one was white. Ike and his wife was tasked with raising their grand daughter. Ike had been out prison for fifteen years and had a successful landscaping business.

The police came to both men and told them that they were going to close the investigation into the deaths of their sons. The police said that none of the friends were talking or providing any leads for them to follow and the case was going cold after only several weeks. One day, Buddy Lee came to Ike and asked him if he was going to do anything about the police not doing anything. Then said when you decide call me. One day, Ike went to visit the graves and found that the head stones had been severely damaged, run into with a truck and the graves ran over by a truck as well.

Both men started their own investigation into the death of their son’s. It was found that their was a major crime ring involved in the death of their children. It involved drug running, gun running and many other felonies. Both fathers found that each one of their children had been shot not once but multiple times in the head. As the two ex convicts began their investigation, they started to get resistance from friends of their sons. As Ike and Buddy Lee did interrogation, they destroyed several stores, including movie theaters. Both men went back to their sons’ house to look for clues. Ike was in the back bedroom and Buddy Lee was in the living room when two men came into their sons’ house and attacked both men. One paid dearly the other one didn’t. Both men tore up businesses to get information, operating just above the law.

One son worked for a newspaper and a prostitute came to him with this story about major drug dealing with gun running and that some of…

Lawrence Edward Hinchee

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