My teddy bears brother, Steve

Lawrence Edward Hinchee
2 min readMay 22, 2022

Yesterday my teddy bears brother came to visit. His name is Steve and I wished he had stayed home. First we had six inches of snow on the ground from a late winter storm. Steve’s behavior was off the rails, I thought Jake was bad, but he is tame compared to Steve. Steve tried to take Jake on a car ride in the snow but Jake refused. Steve took off in the company car at about forty miles an hour and crashed the car into a semi truck across the street. Needless to say the company car is totaled. But this was only the beginning,

After Steve wrecked the company car, he took off running inside the building and didn’t present his identification card at the check in counter. He ran past the security guard and into the cafeteria. He tried the breakfast and threw it across the dining hall. He ran behind the serving counter and grabbed a butcher knife and started chasing the cook around the cafeteria for preparing shitty food. They managed to get the butcher knife from Steve and he blew numerous raspberries at the staff and made arm pit farts and took off running again. This time he grabbed paring knives and started throwing them at the kitchen staff. He sliced my arm with a paring knife which required twenty- five stitches to close.

Steve then pulled a gun from somewhere and started shooting. He missed Jake and myself. He missed pretty much everything because the gun jammed and he couldn’t fix it. After an hour of chaos which included him drinking two pints of vodka, we were finally able to lasso Steve and hold him for police. When the police arrived, he blew raspberries at them, and managed to get free. He wasn’t free long because the officer behind him grabbed him and put him into the squad car. They got him to the county jail and he managed to escape. He called me and blew raspberries into the phone and called me an old fart. The worst thing he did was wiped my business laptop clean of all programs. I asked him how to fix it and all he said was old people and technology. He was subsequently banned from the property.

Jake apologized to me last night as we went to bed and gave me several kisses good night, I hope he straightens out for a while.

Lawrence Edward Hinchee

I am a published author. Book Titled Silent Cries A Memoir. I am a writer, photographer and author. I write under the pen name Brent Seheult. I also read a lot