My teddy bear really misbehaved last night

This morning I woke up cold. I felt around for my blankets and they were gone. I looked for my teddy bear and he was gone as well. I found both my teddy bear and blankets going up and down the aisles in between the beds and my teddy bear laughing. He was shouting as he was running “catch me if you can.” I finally caught him and took my blankets and him back to bed as he blew raspberries at me. I swear this one has evil in him.

Most of the time teddy bears are cute and cuddly and this one has been for the most part. Last night he also got into my Haribo…



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Lawrence Edward Hinchee

I am a published author. Book Titled Silent Cries A Memoir. I am a writer, photographer and author. I write under the pen name Brent Seheult. I also read a lot