I missed gun violence awareness day

Lawrence Edward Hinchee
3 min readJun 3, 2022

I missed gun violence awareness day. I apologize, I really do because I was dealing with my PTSD and anxiety yesterday. I didn’t do hardly anything. Despite my support of the second amendment and gun rights, I take time to recognize those killed by gun violence. Many gun owners do, but I have personal reasons for recognizing victims of gun violence.

I have been through more shooting than you can imagine or care to guess. I took my children to the memorial for the Chuck E Cheese Shooting in Aurora CO in 1992, when my seventeen year old soccer player was killed by a disgruntled former employee. I had coached him for six years.

I took my school age children to the candle light vigil for Columbine High School because we lived fifteen miles from the school. Oh by the way, The Colorado Avalanche were in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Los Angeles Kings when this happened. They asked that the first two games that was supposed to be in CO be delayed and start the series in Los Angeles. The NHL Agreed and so di the Kings. Matter of fact because most of the players on the Avalanche used kids from Columbine to babysit and they were at the vigil also. Despite not knowing any of the victims at Columbine we still attended, to show support for the community.

I attended the memorial for Virginia Tech because I lived in Roanoke, VA at the time. I grew up there and Virginia Tech is my favorite college. Tech is only thirty-five miles from Roanoke.

I attended the memorial for the Aurora Theater shooting victims and held some of the kids close because most of them went to school with my children. I cried with the girl that lost her beautiful six year old daughter, I cried with many of those kids. I still call them kids because they were very young then.

I live over 1,000 miles from the shooting site Uvalde, so all I can offer is “thoughts and prayers.” I am not trying to be an ass on this, but the only way I know how to comfort those poor grieving parents is by praying for them. I am not that much a sadist that I have to hop on an airplane to visit the site. I get enough coverage on my television.

Yes, I have dealt with more grief than most people know when it comes to mass shootings. I am just as sick of them as anyone else. I never judge a gun owner. Just like they don’t judge me. One way to decrease and do away with mass shootings is stop running the highlights on a constant news feed. We are giving the shooter, dead or alive a platform, whether we realize it or not.



Lawrence Edward Hinchee

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