American boys pretending not to speak Korean

Lawrence Edward Hinchee
2 min readMay 6, 2022

I think they are adorable.

In this video these darling little boys pretend not to speak Korean. Then after the Korean nationals speak in English for a while, they surprise them by speaking fluent Korean.

It is funny to watch the reactions of the Koreans as these boys spout off in fluent Korean. The boys tell the nationals that they are attending a Korean school. They can really have fun with mom as she doesn’t speak Korean. Now that would be funny to see.

A language teacher said Korean was the hardest language to learn, but if you are a child attending Korean schools, how easy would it be to learn? Then again a child’s mind absorbs more than the adult brain. These boys are in school what, eight hours a day and are exposed to the native language.

My room mate in the army was very fluent in German and English. His father married a German woman. They raised him in the German public schools. His was exposed to both languages from the first day he walked into school. He was an excellent translator for us.

These kids in this video did an amazing job. I think they are even some type of celebrities in Korea. I think they have their own television show. If I am going to Korea for a visit, I am hiring one of these two as my tour guide so I don’t get lost. But why hasn’t mom learned Korean? They said she worked on base with all the American soldiers.

This video is funny and it is cute. I wonder how many other people they pranked by pretending to not know Korean.

Lawrence Edward Hinchee

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